Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy Mission Statement


The GINBOT 7 Movement envisions the creation of a nation wherein each and every Ethiopian enjoys the full respect of its democratic and human rights, achieves economic prosperity and social justice, and the respect of the citizen’s life, safety and human dignity.


The primary mission of GINBOT 7 Movement is the realization of a national political system in which government power and political authority is assumed through peaceful and democratic process based on the free will and choice of citizens of the country.

Core Values and Fundamental principles

The values and principles guiding the GINBOT 7’s struggle include the following:

. The respect of individuals’ and people’s rights as the corner stone of the new political system;

. The establishment and strengthening of independent institutions such as independent national police and defense force, independent judiciary, independent board of elections, and free press, that can serve as bulwarks for the new democratic system against the vagaries of dictatorial governments, parties or politicians;

.Creating a strong and patriotic nation where the ethnic, religious, cultural, geographic and other differences are esteemed and appreciated, our diversity is viewed as a source of pride than a Trojan horse of doom and disintegration;

. Fighting all forms of political behavior, traditions and trends that make use of our ethnic, religious, and cultural differences as a means of achieving myopic and short term political gains at the expense of the shared legacies and common aspirations of the peoples of the country;

.Creating a political environment in which citizens are guaranteed of equal opportunity irrespective of their ethnic, religious, linguistic, cultural, or geographic difference, or other personal and physical disabilities;

.Realizing a principled, dynamic, enlightened, industrious, and effective leadership that serve the country by being an example to its citizens;

.Establish a system where good governance, accountability, and transparency are exercised through a people-centered decision making mechanism.

.A political and social system where achievement is valued, merit is rewarded and citizens are compensated based on merit not political attachments and ethnic affiliations.

.Forming alliance with other political parties and popular fronts, reducing and gradually eliminating tension among various opposition political groups. With a view to achieving national stability through a political system characterized by a broad based political framework;

.Establishing an inclusive political system where no political party, popular front or any disgruntled group will not be marginalized due to its political beliefs or programs.


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